Best offer for this Holiday season!

Nov 17- Nov20

The time for gift giving comes around again. If you are wondering what to give and are looking for a truly unique gift idea, you don’t want to miss out on this special offer!
“How does the picture show up?” will keep them guessing.

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Time frame

It takes us 10 working days from the time we receive your order and photo until we ship it out. We do have expediting options available at checkout.

best holiday offer

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Keep us in mind for your next Gift-Giving occasion!
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Did you know that in our bulk category, if you order two Identical Lights you get the 2nd one Half Off?

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Why two?

  1. Use a photo of the kids and give one to your mother and one to your mother-in-law.
  2. Take an old family photo and make one for your sister and one for you.
  3. Use one in your office and one for your living room.

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