Question? Answer.

How can I order the Light Affection custom lights?

The easiest way is to go to the shop area by clicking on the shop button above. This will take you through all the necessary steps. You can either send the photo and payment by mail or go through our secure server, process your order payment by credit card and receive email instructions on where to upload the image file.

What are the available Frames?

The frame availability varies between the different Light sizes.
The style of the Gold and silver may also slightly vary.

Contemporary Black Contemporary Rosewood  Contemporary Curved Brown
Traditional Silver Traditional Gold

I do not have a file but an actual photo, how do I send it to you?

You can send the photo by mailing it to us along with your payment and a filled out form.

Make sure not to staple, tape or use paper clips on the photo. To protect the photo, use a hardcover envelope or insert the photo between two pieces of heavy paper or cardboard. On the outside of the envelope write “Do Not Fold”.

Our address and all the details are on the form. Click here for the form.

If I send a photo, will I get it back?

All we do with the photograph you send us is scan it on a flat scanner. It will be returned to you unharmed with the final piece. Make sure you send it to us in a hardcover envelope so that it isn’t bent in the mail.

What is the carved piece made of?

For the carving we use a modern material which is a blend of natural materials and a polymer. It is extremely durable and shouldn’t change or crack with time. The original lithophanes are made out of porcelain which is extremely delicate. We were looking for a more durable material but one that will still have a high quality look and feel to it.

Can I keep the Light Affection on all the time?

The Light Bulb we use is an energy efficient Light bulb. This combines three qualities. The light bulb takes little electricity to light up. It is very durable and long lasting and it doesn’t get hot. Most of our customers do keep the Light Affection on night and day to get the full effect.

How long does it take until I get the Light Affection?

Please refer to our Delivery time page for information on time frames.

Please remember: Delivery time = Production time+ Shipping time

I do not want to pay by credit card through the Internet, what other options do I have?

You are more then welcome to send us a check by mail, or your credit card information by mail. Print out the following form and fill in the details. Click here for the form.

What happens if I get the product and I don’t like it?

We realize this is a new product and most people do not know what to expect. We give a 30 day money back guarantee (excluding shipping costs and expediting fees). Just contact us and let us know you are shipping it back to us. Although we do not require it, we would like to learn the reason for the return in order to improve our service.

I have a big size photo and would like to order a smaller size lamp, is that possible?

The original photo we use doesn’t have to be of the same size or proportions of the final Light Affection. We can resize and trim the image to fit the selected size. Some extremes aren’t going to produce a good result. For example if the original image is small, for example: 2″x2″, and you are ordering the big size, 8″x10″ the result isn’t going to be as sharp as it can be.

Do you ship anywhere in the world?

Although we can ship anywhere in the world, the electric components of the Light Affection fit the US electric standard. Customers ordering from others places will need to replace the electric cable and light bulb or purchase a transformer. Please be aware that we have no control over packages being detained in customs and possible customs fees. We also can’t guarantee delivery dates.

How much do you charge for shipping?

The shipping cost is calculated before you actually checkout and you can choose between the different options of shipping and cost related. The final cost is determined by the weight of the products and the methods of shipping you select. We offer shipping by both USPS.

What photo should I choose?

The quality of the Light Affection piece is directly related to the quality of the photograph you send. Click here for more information about quality.

Although we can create a Light Affection from any photograph you send, we aren’t permitted, by law, to use copyright photos. Please make sure you aren’t sending us one or are sending it in with a signed permission of the copyright owner.

The photo you choose can be Black & White or Color.

If you choose to send us the photo, it will be returned to you undamaged. All we do it scan it.

If you choose to scan the photo or send a digital image, you may upload the image file to our web site. Once you order you will receive an email with instructions. Please scan at 300dpi. Save as bmp, gif, jpg, pcx, png or tif formats.

If the proportions of the photo do not match the proportions of your frame, we will need to scale or trim the picture. Feel free to make remarks on how you prefer the trimming to be done. For example, you give us a square picture to fit into a 5×7. We will need to trim the sides.

For Night Lights: We recommend Close-ups and no more then 2 subjects. If the Night Light is plugged low on the wall, the top of the piece might be blocked by the frame.

What are the electric specifications and limitations?

The electric components of all lights are for North America electric standards.
All components are UL standard
The Large and XLarge lamps come with a led, energy efficient light bulb.

Should I crop the photo before sending it to you?

If you would like us to crop a photo, it would be best if you sent us the original, high-quality photo image as well as the cropped version. Or, you can share in your Comments to us how you would like us to crop it. We sometimes crop photos for various reasons but it is always best if we start with the original high-quality image.

Our Guarantee

Although each piece is uniquely made for you and can’t be repackaged, we still give you 30 days to return the product for a full refund* if you aren’t satisfied for some reason.

Although we do not require it, we would like to learn the reason for the return in order to improve our service.

* Refund excludes shipping fees and expediting fees if applicable.