Personalized Picture Gifts

Giving personalized picture gifts is a way to make someone feel very special. You can connect with members of your family, your friends, or those you work with when you give them a gift made just for them. At Light Affection, we have the solution to all your gift-giving dilemmas in a gift of light.

All you have to do is find a black-and-white or color picture that makes a statement about the person or your relationship with that person. We will take that photo and carve an image out of special material that allows light to enhance the image. You can choose between a lamp design or a charming night light. Either will be a constant reminder of your relationship.

Choose the Right Frame for Personalized Picture Gifts

At Light Affection, we have a variety of frame colors and sizes from 2-3/4 by 2-3/4 inches to an 8- by 10-inch size. Some of the colors include black, rosewood, natural, silver, gold, and white with silver rim. Some of the frames have decorative detailing while others are sleek and unoramented. The color and frame design you choose should enhance the content of the picture. For instance, a wedding photo is more appropriately displayed in the white frame with silver trim or one of the more detailed frames.

To place an order for your personalized picture gift, simply follow our easy guide to place your secure credit card order online. If you prefer to send us the picture by mail along with your check or credit card payment, print out the convenient order form. We guarantee you’ll be totally happy with your personalized gift.