Unique Gifts for Grandparent

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Grandparents always ask for photos of the grand kids.
This time, why not surprise them with more then photos. This time get something they can use and display night and day forever. They will definitely show their friends. Soon they will all want one of those unique gifts for Grandparents they saw at their friends house.

These unique gifts are also great with old photos. Maybe ones of the young couple with their whole future ahead of them. Find that special photo of their first date ? Their wedding photo ? Them with the kids ?


Customer samples

Personalized photo gift for grandparents

“Our daughter, Georgie, was born on November 23, 2015. While her maternal and paternal grandmothers visit as often as possible, distance prevents them from seeing her as frequently as they would like. Knowing how much they desire to see Georgie on a daily basis, we gifted them both with nightlights for Mother’s Day 2016. We are so thankful that this nightlight captured Georgie’s spirit and helped bridge the miles between her and her grandmothers.”