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We can no longer guarantee delivery for father’s day.

To all the dads out there, Happy Father’s day!

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Dads Love our Lights


Other than being unique, practical, personal, and beutiful, there is always the question of “how does the image show up?”

The lights fit anywhere at home or at the office. On a desk, shelf, night stand, mantel…the possibilities are endless.

Family photo turned into room lighting solution

Finding the photo

Here are some ideas of how to find the perfect  photo to use for your Father’s day photo light.

To find “candidates” you can look through:

  • Your physical photo albums
  • Your digital photos
  • Social Media

Start by collecting all the photos you like and follow by narrowing it down. Once you have a hand full, you can narrow it down some more by deciding on the size lamp you want.

Night Lights & Medium lamp: Work best with less subjects (maximum 3) and close-ups. Those will be cropped into a square proportion. The medium lamp allows for some more details.

Large & XLarge lamp:  Work best with higher resolution photos. Will be cropped into rectangular proportions and can be horizontal or vertical.

We know choosing the photo is the hardest part but we are here to help.
Narrow it down to a few photos you love and email them to us. We are happy to let you know what we recommend…
To send us photos for evaluation: